Salvaging the Glitch

Before moving on from the glitched experimentation, I attempted to salvage what I could, Looking at ways I could expand on what I had made. Bringing the images into a 3d environment and playing with photomanipulation.

Bringing in the corrupted images into 3d studio max to attempt creating something more organic, though I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing. Though I do want to expand on this, using Unity maybe as it’s more beginner friendly.

Mostly this first phase was me spinning my wheels, I was pretty aimless and really just trying to make something In a program I know that i have some proficiency in. Starting this year was pretty difficult, I had this overwhelming feeling of being lost. Now that I was confined to my home the possibilities of what I could make were so broad and far reaching. This is a terrible thing sometimes, too many options! but working through ideas and realizing what I don’t want to do has been the theme of 2021

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