I’ve decided to start recording my visual diary in a digital format. Since a lot of my work is turning digital or requires a lot of digital manipulation, it’s better show through digital means. I’m also a faster (and neater) typer than writer.

Glitching old work by editing the hex in a text editor

So starting from the initial prompt of the glitched figure, I decided to take pictures of my work and edit in a text file. The results of this are always random, it can be difficult, what makes one image break out in rainbows completely corrupts another image. above is the reult of slowly chipping away at an images, removing all of one character at a time, eventually this left me with a completely black image. I also animated this image, and a few variations which I’ll show below

Above is an example of what the text editor looks like, this text describes on whole image, a self portrait that’s been reduced in size and turned black and white. The larger and more complex the image is the longer the text file is, it seems to have little bearing on how difficult it is to manipulate though.

Eventually I decide against pursuing this as an option in this class, my main problem was that I couldn’t connect it to any concept I was interested in. It also kind of made me sick to be looking at the garish colours, and provided little control of what I could make. Though this eventually would roll into my ideas around collage, in the sense that I’m not in total control of what imagery I can find to use.

Below is some of the other experiments with this style that I tried out. Some of them are really interesting, I especially enjoyed when the colour range would be shifted, resulting in a rainbow colour specturm.

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