Ok so first off, what were you doing pointing a camera at my work? What are you some kind of art thief! To prison with you! Your cell is small, slightly wider at the back, the rough concrete floor reaching… Continue reading STOP, THIEF!

Diary Schmiary

I have a love hate relationship with visual art diary’s. I understand completely why they are a useful tool for teachers when trying to grade the work of an art student. It’s kind of like showing the working with a math equation, it helps the teacher understand how the student got there, and what their thinking was… Continue reading Diary Schmiary


A project this semester revolved around the idea of a souvenir, we were tasked with replicating an object, preferably something we made ourselves. The Project revolved around methods of replication, and reproducing, which as a printmaker is something I consider whenever I’m making work… Continue reading Souvenir


Since I last talked about making wax sculptures of hands for casting I’ve made a lot of progress. I’ve started streaming my art making process on, and cast a few pieces. If you’ve no read my previous post, I explain my journey into twitch streaming and how it fits into my practice, more specifically wax sculpting… Continue reading Investment


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